Have We Contacted You?

If you have received a letter or a phone call from Timezone, our researchers
believe they have found an asset or a claim that belongs to you.

What is a dormant asset?
Imagine that your favorite Aunt Millie had a stock portfolio but was getting on in her years and forgot about that account with only a few hundred shares of stock, what was it's name....Microsoft? Get the Picture?

An unclaimed asset becomes abandoned in the eyes of the law after the original owner is lost (typically after a name or address change), or when rightful heirs fail to claim it or otherwise "communicate an interest" in it over a period of years, known as the "dormancy period."

Our researchers step in when the entity holding your money or asset cease their effort to find you. In many of our cases, you could be completely unaware that you are the rightful owner or incredulous that you could be detached from the asset.

How did Timezone find me?
Our researchers can usually track people using sophisticated search techniques and databases that are both proprietary and web based. Our current database lists millions of dollars in unclaimed money, property, accounts and assets from all 50 states that could belong to YOU. Our researchers are multi-faceted. We have to be! How else could we find both the money and the people who belong to it!

Who does Timezone work for?
You! Our work is done mostly on a contingency fee basis, so we are ultimately working for you! What better incentive is there to do a good job?

Your Privacy
The information we collect in our processes of locating and qualifying the rightful owners of assets and claims is treated confidentially! We adhere to a strict code of conduct to ensure that our database is secure, and that your information stays confidential. We do however disclose information about our clients when required by law.

What about all these state websites with unclaimed funds?
First, we encourage anyone to "logon" and take advantage of the internet and these sites. You may have an asset coming. This is called State Escheated funds. Not all assets will make it to this list! Each state is different in how long an asset can remain dormant before it is transferred to the state and becomes listed as unclaimed. You will discover phone company refunds, inactive bank accounts, etc. There are just too many sources to list. IF WE ARE CONTACTING YOU, THEN THE MONEY IS NOT ON THIS LIST.

Can I do the recovery myself?
In many cases, you may absolutely lay claim to an asset. How many hours are you willing to sacrifice to save a few bucks? Are you willing to go read Microfiche and find just the document needed to "prove-up" your case? And what about the expense of traveling or tracing an asset? You still have to establish ownership.

We have already located the asset and have contacted you. Doesn't it just make sense to let us handle it? We keep the process easy and cost effective, yet you remain in control as We only proceed with the recovery as the Authority to Act specifies. Many large companies contract our services because it is more cost effective to outsource, and we may have specialized knowledge about the asset.

How do I proceed?
Once the Authority to Act is signed and returned to Timezone's and we have established you are the rightful owner, we proceed to claim the asset. Sometimes additional forms are required to perfect the claim. Once the documents we need are in house we begin the filing process. We make every effort to resolve your case quickly. Each asset and case is unique, so the time lines can be very different depending on the asset. The first step is returning the documents to us so that we can proceed.

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